Our Products

Our technical competence spans computer hardware engineering, software solutions, IT training, communication, networking, project management, management consultancy, customer satisfaction training, strategy formulation and implementation.

Integrated Project Monitoring & Evaluation System

Our Project Monitoring and Evaluation System is designed for all Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations involved in various Projects that require monitoring for the purpose of target achievement.

Computer Hardware Sales

This covers supply and installation of servers, clients, printers and power support systems to organizations within the public and private sectors of the economy.

Development & Implementation of Bespoke Software

Over the years, we have developed and nurtured skills that are geared to providing software solutions to clients in specific vertical markets. Our software engineers are conversant with the following database and programming tools:-

  • MS-SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Access
  • PowerBuilder
  • Visual Basic
  • C++
  • Java
  • HTML