About Us

Our Vision

MegaConnections Limited was established with a vision to provide leading edge information and communication technology and management consultancy services to public and private sector organizations.

Our Mission

Our vision is propelled by the following mission statements:-

  • To develop skills and resources geared to providing first class communication and networking services;

  • To provide IT and management training for corporate organizations;

  • To sell, install and maintain computer hardware;

  • To develop and implement bespoke software solutions;

  • To provide project management services;

  • To provide ICT consultancy services;

  • To provide management consultancy services; and

  • To formulate and implement business and corporate strategies.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

Professional and Ethical Standards

We are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards in our dealings with customers and other stakeholders in our business.

Quality of Service

We seek to maximize our quality of service by responding to clients needs on a timely basis and performing our services in a cost-effective manner.


We are committed to developing a relationship with the clients who will enhance our image and receive a similar benefit. We would like to be perceived as a business partner who cares enough to offer its very best.


Our people create our success. We are therefore, committed to high standards of recruitment, seeking to train, develop and retain the best candidates available in the various sectors of the economy that we serve.
We emphasize team-based organization, and not individualism, as a strategy for managing service delivery and customer satisfaction.


We cherish, above all, our corporate image and integrity.